The Trade Show Follow-up Top 10 List

10. What’s the game plan? Funny how everyone has an elaborate plan for the trade show itself, but then go into catch-as-catch-can mode when it’s time to follow up. Not a good idea, since the follow-up stage is where sales actually occur. It’s better to sit down and create a follow-up plan that includes a […]

Swinging for the Fences (Interview with a Proposal Evaluator)

In June of 2007, the Chicago White Sox sent out an RFP to a variety of Chicago advertising agencies. Within a few weeks, the ball club received a whopping 60 proposals. The following is a candid interview with Chicago White Sox Advertising Coordinator Betsy McDonald about their RFP process and the proposals themselves… a handful […]

How to Write an RFP Response that Wins Using 5 Proven Strategies

If you’ve been wondering how to write an RFP response that wins—without breaking your back or budget, you’ve come to the right place. Proposal writing, along with the entire RFP process, is often brutal in determination and frustrating in execution. It takes strong analytical capabilities, detailed project management skills, and excep- tional writing and editing. […]

Create better business proposals by being more like Santa

Nobody delivers the goods like the big jolly man himself—from research and development to delivery and final presentation. Yep, Old Saint Nick would’ve made one heckuva new business guy, as he excels in the very areas needed to create winning proposals. Let’s see what we can learn from Santa’s strategies, and how we can apply […]

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