Imagine This


Imagine for a moment that you’re the one receiving the proposals. You’re the person who’s been charged with hiring that new ad agency (or any other vendor under the sun, for that matter).

You spend a month searching for qualified firms and getting out your RFP. Then, a towering stack of proposals lands on your desk. You’re under a tight deadline and it’s your job to read every single one of them.

Fortunately, the first proposal you crack open doesn’t read/look/feel/smell like a proposal at all. It’s a real page-turner. It sounds like it was written just for you. (That’s right, no cutting and pasting going on here.)

“This company has personality,” you decide. They’re convincing yet humble. Detailed yet respectful of your time. Without a second thought, you immediately place the proposal onto your desk in a place you’ve deemed… the “A” pile.


A fantasy? RFP MD doesn’t think so. We believe that award-winning copywriting and design combined with proven sales and marketing techniques make a proposal stand out. More importantly, it’s what gets companies into that critical “next round.”

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