Proposal Audit

Proposal audits can play a crucial role in writing winning proposals.

If you want to take your proposals from good to great, a proposal audit is an ideal first step, as you receive valuable feedback that’s both objective and actionable.

Through our comprehensive 45-point audit, we’ll give you a score and key notes on every area of your proposal.

It’s important to note that RFP MD has experience on the other side of the fence—sitting on proposal review teams, so we have first-hand experience on why some proposals make the cut versus others.

Our 45-point audit provides you with actionable feedback and an objective proposal “score.”

Based on the results of 45 different audit questions, we give you an overall score for your proposal. Additionally, we provide you with the score (and notes) from each of the 45 areas that we’ve analyzed. We rate each area using a 5-point scale, ranging from 5 (Strongly Agree) to 1 (Strongly Disagree). This helps you pinpoint areas for improvement, as well as areas where your proposal is strong and persuasive.

Sample statements from RFP MD’s 45-point proposal audit:

  • Content is compelling from cover to cover. You’ve put energy into your proposal and it shows.
  • Executive summary begins by identifying the client’s needs, followed by your company’s unique solutions to those needs, followed by proof that your solutions are relevant and effective.
  • Proposal’s content feels like it was written just for this client. While boilerplate content may have been used to create the proposal, it feels like it was tailored for the client.
  • Proposal is a true extension of your brand and matches your company’s other communications touch points (such as your website) in tone and personality.
  • Proposal uses a unique design theme and/or design elements throughout the document to make the document visually appealing and to set it apart from others.

What to do once you have your audit results.

Based on the results of the proposal audit, clients either make the necessary changes internally (strategy, copy, design) or they implement RFP MD’s RFP Response Template service, which has helped our clients increase their win rate, while decreasing turnaround time.

For more information about our proposal audit, including our process, pricing and confidentiality policy, please contact us.

A proposal audit is often the first step in producing stronger RFP responses and unsolicited proposals.

RFP MD helps companies by conducting an objective audit of your past proposals, RFP responses or presentations. Companies often find themselves in a rut, where they haven’t won any new business in awhile and they’re not sure why.  A proposal audit will uncover areas of your proposal where you need to do a better job with your overall strategy, copy or design.

Whether you need a proposal audit, proposal writing services, RFP (request for proposal) response consulting or presentation writing and design to win a commercial or a government contract, RFP MD can help.

Proposal Audit
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