RFP Response Template

RFP response templates designed to help you increase win rates, while reducing turnaround times.

An RFP response template, if developed correctly, will improve both your win rate and turnaround times. Our RFP response template services are designed to strengthen your proposal strategy, content, graphics and design template, whether that template is created in Microsoft Word, InDesign, PowerPoint or Keynote.

We develop a professional and effective RFP response template for which you can use to respond to RFPs moving forward. This gives you the processes and tools you need to respond to RFPs quickly and efficiently.

Based on the final scope of work for your RFP response template, possible areas that will be improved include:

  • Proposal Covers. RFP MD designs unique front and back proposal covers (either standard or die-cut) so your proposals stand out before they are even opened
  • Proposal Template. A compelling and brand adherent template will be designed in either Word or InDesign, differentiating your company from your competitors
  • Cover Letter. We develop a well written letter with notes for your day-to-day writer on where and how to personalize it so it’s focused on your prospective client’s needs
  • Executive Summary. Following proposal best practices, we develop a customizable executive summary (so you can mix and match content based on the deal at hand). The summary will have notes for your day-to-day writer on where and how to personalize it. In the end, the summary will:
    • State the prospect’s needs, issues and problems to be solved
    • Reveal the outcomes the prospect will achieve with your solution
    • Provide an overview of the proposed solution to their problem
    • Provide reasons for them to choose you, including evidence that you can deliver on the scope of work at a high level
  • Design Elements. Along with creating a brand-adherent template, we recommend incorporating diagrams, photos, call-out boxes and other elements to bring to light your company’s differentiators. This will also make the proposal more visually engaging
  • Differentiators. We find that many proposals provide more facts and features than they do benefits and differentiators. We will work with you to identify your differentiators (or “win themes”) and ensure that they are properly and prominently communicated throughout your proposal
  • Q & A Pairs. This includes the editing of an agreed to number of RFP answers, so they are in one, persuasive voice
  • Case Studies. This includes the development of an agreed to number of professionally written case studies
  • Headlines and Subheads. To make your proposal more engaging to read, we may develop unique, benefit oriented headlines and subheads
  • Testimonials. We will work with you to develop testimonials to feature throughout your proposal
  • Additional content and tools. Available upon request

An RFP response template with content that’s more persuasive and design that’s more compelling will help you produce stronger RFP responses and unsolicited proposals—in far less time.

RFP MD helps you create a proposal template with copy that highlights your company’s differentiators, coupled with attention-getting design. By having compelling answers already written—as well as  a brand-adherent design format—you can spend more time doing important prospect research, developing win themes, personalizing answers, writing a thought-provoking executive summary and the like.

Whether you need a proposal template, proposal writing services, RFP (request for proposal) response consulting or presentation writing and design to win a commercial or a government contract, RFP MD can help.

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