Presentation Development

Seal the deal with a truly great presentation.

A strong proposal will get you to the “dance”… the presentation round of a pitch. RFP MD then helps its clients by developing a unique PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, incorporating the same look and feel as your proposal, as well as highlighting your win themes. We create a strong and compelling slide-by-slide storyline for your presentation.

A lot of ideas are generated for your meeting that will differentiate you from your competitors. And, along with the presentation itself, we often create a printed leave-behind piece, so attendees will have something memorable to take back to their respective offices. This creative piece will ensure that your company’s unique offering stays top of mind.

Providing highlights of your proposal won’t cut it.
Your presentation should take things to a new level.

When you need a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation developed to land a new client, RFP MD can help you formulate a winning strategy, while providing the copywriting and design expertise necessary to to make your presentation stand out and get noticed. We will also provide you with ideas on how to take things to the next level with your presentation (instead of just rehashing the highlights of your original proposal). For more information on our presentation development services, call us at 424-835-4500.

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